Tulip Bouquet Subscription 2020


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Fresh tulips in the spring! Four consecutive Mondays you will have a fresh tulip bouquet delivered to your home. Every spring I grow a couple thousand tulips specifically for cut flowers. These are unique varieties. Bouquets are lush, with vibrant colours and long stems. Every bouquet of tulips will be unique, representing the curated varieties I grow. Your tulips will be delivered wrapped in a brown Kraft paper sleeve. I will provide a black bucket that will require fresh water every week upon delivery. You will be notified by email for confirmation of your subscription. In the spring, when I have a better feel for timing of the start of the tulip season, I will send the start date for deliveries.

Once you have made your decision and purchased a subscription, fill out the contact form and we can sort out all the details for delivery.

This can also be the perfect Valentines day gift……


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