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Welcome to Bird Tree Urban Farm.  We grow seed to table. This means that every thing you purchase from us, produce, field grown flowers or our seedlings, we grow right here on our little 1/4 acre urban farm, from seed.  We sell our produce, bouquets and seedlings at the Revelstoke LFI Farmers Market on MacKenzie Ave, every Saturday, May thru October.  We have a CSA flower bouquet subscription, buckets of blooms for local business and we make hand tied specialty bouquets to order. In season, we will have limited tomatoes in bulk available for canning.

If you are a  bride looking for fresh, beautiful and unusual local blooms, please get in touch with us early in the season for availability.

We are happy to work with our customers on any specialty orders OR one off orders for produce and flowers, just get in touch.




Coming soon….