About Us


Over 20 years have passed since Greg had the for sight to purchase a double lot and a turn of the century house here in Revelstoke. In 2012 both Greg and Kristina relocated to Revelstoke permanently.

Kristina set about reclaiming just under a 1/4 acre of lawn. Establishing permanent growing beds, planting perennials for berry crops and unique flower stems, as well as building a greenhouse and a propagation house.



With the demand for food and flowers on the rise, Kristina has been very fortunate to have been granted access for 2 rural parcels to expand the farm onto.

Rob and Terra, of Terra Firma Farms, have graciously allowed me some space to grow adjacent to their packing shed. This way their field crew gets to look out on a beautiful flower field when they are washing, bunching, weighing and bagging all of their crops. Terra is a big supporter of my flower endeavours! 2023 will be my third season on their property and I look forward to all the positive vibes that come from spending some of my farming days amidst this crew of fantastic people.

My second rural property is south of town off of Airport Rd. I share land with Refuge Farm who moved to the valley in 2022 (farmers and foragers!).  I grow some of my long season crops here that need less tending but lots of space. Garlic, winter squash and all of my pumpkin varities come from this property.